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About us

Everyone at some point needs professional help. This can be because  we want to start a business, or we have problems with the neighbours or the owners association, we need to make some kind of contract with someone, or we are being accused of something we haven’t done. This is why we are here to help you...

In the next pages you can see in which areas we are moving, but even in the case you have a problem which you do not see reflected here, please contact us, if there is a solution, we can surely find it.

We also collaborate with other legal offices, specially in Valencia.

This office was created with the intention to offer a complete service to our clients in all emerging areas of law. We are professionals specialized in Civil law, International private law, merchant law, urbanism, and other areas of law.

We have all necessary techological means, both in hardware equipments as also software and communications, although we will not forget the personnal treatment of our clients.

We want to help our clients, and we identify with them, in an efficient development of their personnal and professional needs.