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International private law

Due to the everincreasing inmigration and emigration, and also due to the more and more efficiency of internacional communications, also the international civil conflicts are more and more common each day.

You can think of family problems, e.g. In case of marriage between and children of persons of different nationalities; or mercantile conflicts, export and import of goods, international mercantile contracts, or purchases through internet...

Conflict of laws (or private international law) is a set of procedural rules which determine which legal system, and the law of which jurisdiction, applies to a given dispute. The rules typically apply when a legal dispute has a "foreign" element such as a contract agreed by parties located in different countries

If not so long ago the major part of our life, and our conflicts, took place and were handled within our own country, nowadays often, without realizing it, we are part of an internacional community, and we must be prepared to defend our interests, including across the border.

To help you with this we have several very prepared collaborators who speak perfectly english.