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- When entering Denia, after McDonald the 2nd roundabout , take the 2nd exit.

- After that almost straight to the left, you’ll find a Sabadell-Sol bank on the corner – Calle Abu-Zayan.

- After that, about 800 m further, in the 2nd block after the Mercadona supermarket, you’ll find our office on the left side, between “Mapfre” and “Entinter”.

- After about 200 m you’ll find another roundabout – Plaza Cholet. Again take the second exit – direction “Puerto” (white sign). With this you’ll enter the Avenida Miguel Hernández.

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Ownership is the ultimate and exclusive right (subject to certain restrictions) to enjoy, occupy, possess, rent, sell (fully or partially), use, give away, or even destroy an item of property. Ownership may be 'corporeal' (title to a tangible object such as a house) or 'incorporeal' (title to an intangible something, such as a copyright, or a right to recover debt).

Although many people are not aware of this, “possession” (as in tenancy or loan) does not necessarily mean ownership because it does not automatically transfer title.

 One can possess something without being the owner of this item, through loan, rent, right of use.

A property can be acquired by purchase, by inheritance, or even by usucapio or acquisitive prescription.

¿But what happens in case two persons claim ownership of the same item?

Business law

Here we can talk about mercantile law, tax law, and labour or emplyment law, and everything concerning the constitution and legalization of a fim.

But this is not all, once a firm is legalized it has multiple obligations. The firm will have to be administrated, keep books, present tax returns, pay social security, and so on...

All matters that have nothing to do with the real purpose of the firm, but if they are not carried out correctly they can have important economic consecuences for the firm.


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Purchase | sale of your house

The purchase of a house is usually a very complex matter. We’re talking about important quantities of money, lifetime savings, and often a mortgage is involved.

Many histories are told about people who want to buy a property in Spain, and afterwards lose all their money, either because of a previously existing legal problem, or because in some later moment a legal conflict occurs.

It is a fact that during decades in Spain “everything was possible”. Thousands of houses were build without any kind of licence and paying bribes was considered normal.

Nowadays the Spanish administration is trying to correct these kind of practices, although unfortunately there still are many owners who at the time bought their property without being aware of any legal problem, and who now are victims of those past irregularities. If you are in this situation we can help you to limit the damage as much as possible.

On the other hand fortunately things have changed. Now control on property purchase aims to protect as much as possible interests of both buyers and sellers, and these kind of problemas can be avoided. All information of all real estate properties are available for public, either in the property register or in the town hall, but one has to know how and where this information can be obtained.

Therefore it is always recommendable to contract a lawyer, who for a small percentage of the purchase price can save you serious problems afterwards.

We can help you, investigate the legal situation of the property you want to buy, prepare the contract, apply for your fiscal number, accompany you to the notary, legalize the purchase in the register, pay the purchase taxes, and find an appropiate mortgage for you.

And in case you want to  SELL YOUR PROPERTY we can help you with the contract, the signature in the notary, payment of plus-valia and sales-benefit taxes and whatever else is necessary.


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Civil Law

According to the Wikipedia, Civil law (or Common or Private Law)  is that part of a legal system that involves relationships between individuals. This includes the law of contracts or torts and the law of obligations. It is distinguished from public law, which deals with law involving the state, including regulatory statutes,  criminal law and other law of public order.

We can offer you our assistance with all kind of family problems, estate problems, contracts and obligations and inheritances. And of course also claim on your behalf in case of damages.

We can also help you with the legalization of the purchase or sale of your real estate property, prepare the contract, survey the legal situation of the property, accompany you to the Notary, and afterwards legalize the purchase in the tax office and property register.