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“Working in Spain”, for many foreigners a dream!

During the years we have helped many foreigners to make this dream come true. Looking for the best way to create their company, and after that setting up their business and helping them with the business administration.

There are many things one has to have in  account setting up a business, and specially if you do not speak the language perfectly and do not know the law, it is always recommendable to find professional assistance.

And of course we do not forget those who work for a company


Wikipedia: Important widely recognized types of property include real property, personal property, private property, public property and intellectual property .

An article of property may have physical and incorporeal parts. A title, or a right of ownership, establishes the relation between the property and other persons, assuring the owner the right to dispose of the property as the owner sees fit

There are many situations where it might be  wise to look for professional help with your property, not only with conflicts, but also for instance when you want to buy a property, sign a contract, etcetera

These are just a few examples


People: a body of persons that are united by a common culture, tradition, or sense of kinship, that typically have common language, institutions, and beliefs, and that often constitute a politically organized group (webster).

But here we are talking about a more common accepted meaning of “people”:

We, you, I, your children, friends and neighbours, as human beings who live each and every day more or less complex situations, and who at any time may need someone who listens to us, who understands us and our problems, and who can help us to solve these problems.